Roger SimpsonEnergy and sustainability are now major drivers in the built environment as owners, whether public or private, are looking to maximize their ROI on infrastructure spending. Lifecycle costing is becoming a key element of sustainable energy systems design, and applies to all the work we do. In order to better serve our customers, the Industrial/Energy Division focuses its work into several areas: Automotive, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Central Utility Plants, Cogeneration, District Energy, Renewable Energy and Power Plants.

With over 80 years of experience in designing Central Utility Plants for such diverse facilities as data centres, hospitals, university campuses, military bases and commercial buildings, HH Angus brings an unparalleled skill and experience to our clients.

In our Industrial sector we often act as Prime Consultant or Project Manager. In these roles we cultivate deep and trusting partnerships built on a solid understanding of our clients’ needs. HH Angus has been very active in greenfield plant development, major plant expansions and retrofits in the automotive and food processing sectors and in bus transit maintenance and operating facilities.

As power-generation innovators, HH Angus is the single-source consultant for our clients’ power generating facilities. We can guide a project from feasibility study through to final commissioning and hand over to the client, with continuity and reliability.

Division Director:  Roger Simpson