Rod MonsThe Technology Division engineers systems to provide continuous service and near-zero probability of failure, delivering innovative and dependable technology solutions wherever total system reliability is a must. This includes such highly serviced buildings as hydro control facilities, data centres, laboratory and research buildings, telecommunications systems, transit systems, and others.

Our critical facilities specialists include experienced computer centre and central plant designers, project managers and commissioning personnel who understand the unique requirements of these facilities. Our experience in mission-critical computer centre environments includes the strategic planning, design, implementation, and commissioning of significant non-disruptive power and cooling capacity, as well as non-disruptive lifecycle equipment replacement upgrades.

As well, HH Angus has played a key role in the design of some of the world’s top scientific research facilities, such as Sick Kids Research Tower, the Leslie L. Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, the Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomedical Research and the University of Waterloo Centre for Quantum Computing and Nanotechnology.

Our telecommunications designers provide information technology and communications consulting for a wide range of projects, including computer centres, traders’ floors, hospitals, industrial plants, research laboratories, classrooms, data centres, manufacturing, active modeling facilities, vivarium, pharmaceutical and microchip manufacturing facilities.

The Technology Division also provides specialists for transit engineering design, including over 30 years of work with the Toronto Transit Commission and GO Transit. Our comprehensive design services are geared to meet the evolving needs of the transit industry, with recent transit design work for Toronto’s Sheppard and Spadina Line Subway Stations.

Division Director: Rod Mons