CommissioningWhen HH Angus is providing peer review or commissioning, or both, we ensure that systems are completed to fulfill the design intent as well as the user’s needs, providing the client with self-sufficiency and efficient operations for years to come.

  • Generate Client Specific Commissioning Procedures
  • Factory Witness Testing – leading or attending to ensure specifications are met for equipment in factory functional testing
  • Prepare commissioning plan
  • Handle all pre-operational testing and commissioning phases
  • Review components, ensuring facilities are in accordance with the project design
  • Test plant systems to ensure design performance is met
  • Create facility equipment asset list during commissioning activities
  • Develop commissioning schedule
  • Develop commissioning plan
  • On Site Commissioning
  • Construction handover ensuring systems are functional systems and documents complete
  • Transition Commissioning from existing plant to new plant in mission critical facilities
  • Operations Training
  • LEED® Enhanced Building Commissioning
  • LEED® Building Commissioning