About HH Angus

HH Angus and Associates Limited was founded in 1919 and today is one of Canada’s larger private engineering firms. Since its inception, HH Angus has been providing consulting engineering services to a broad range of clients in the Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial sectors, in addition to our current deep portfolio of work both in the energy generation / distribution industry, and in the technology sector. Along the way, HH Angus spawned affiliate firms in facility management (ACML) and in management software (ASGL). More recent initiatives include merging our IMIT engineering skills with our health care operational consulting in our Angus Connect Division, and enhancing our project management consulting.

Our clientele includes many industry leaders, both in Canada and internationally, and our focus continues to be on helping all our clients succeed. This means that we are intentionally adapting and augmenting our skills to respond to their changing requirements. Design excellence has been our reputation for almost 100 years, and we continue to strive for excellence and to remain at the forefront of design through leading edge technology, standards and practices. We understand that today’s business climate demands more from us – more responsibility, oversight, research, and management skill – in order to help our clients compete successfully. As we approach our 100th anniversary, we have set ourselves a new goal: to continue to thrive for the next 100 years so that, as our clients transform themselves and their activities, we will be there to understand and support their efforts.

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HH Angus is not only committed to its clients, but to its people. Well over 70 percent of our current portfolio is repeat clients. The human face behind that statistic is the skill and passion of our employees. Our current staff is 250 strong, including well above the industry average of licensed professional engineers and other Accredited Professionals. Employee retention is a point of pride. It not only underscores the stability of our workforce and the strength of our culture, but it allows us to support our clients with deep, ongoing knowledge of their infrastructure. We serve society by participating on many professional and code committees to elevate standards and to share gained knowledge with the industry. We also employ a dedicated research team, as we are convinced that today’s solutions and processes will not suffice in tomorrow’s world.

Some see rapid changes as disconcerting. At HH Angus, we strive to predict, understand and grow, which is why we view change as an opportunity.