Renewal, rebuilding and reshaping are the hallmarks of this year’s Award of Merit projects.

The North Bay Regional Health Centre marks the first time in Canada that a general hospital and an advanced specialized mental health facility have been located on the same site. The 390-bed facility serves North Bay and surrounding areas and is the first facility of its kind of be designed to U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Standards.

The focus was to build a robust facility that would be flexible, adaptable, reliable and energy efficient. Workshops evaluated different options and a number of technical innovations were developed, most notable the use of handling units with heat recovery wheels that take in 100 per cent outdoor air.

“By using outdoor air we reduce the air volumes in the patient rooms, which was relatively innovative,” explains H.H. Angus Vice President Nick Stark. “We had it tested out, and in the end, the CSA code was changed to reflect the fact that those innovations were acceptable.”

Stark says this project demonstrates that, “You can combine aspects of energy efficiency and sustainable design with building a better building. By effectively employing that integrated design process, you can build a better building without spending more money.”

Construction was completed in 2010 and on January 30, 2011, patients were moved into the facility.


by Kelly Parker
from “Tales of Transformation” in Accolades Magazine,
Consulting Engineers of Ontario, Vol 5, Issue 1, 2011.
Photo courtesy Evans Bertrand