For its January 2013 cover story, Business World Magazine (BWM) turns the spotlight on HH Angus and Associates and engineering innovation.  In a wide-ranging conversation with HH Angus’ Tom Halpenny, VP Operations and General Manager, and Barbara Bradley, VP Marketing and Business Development, BWM focuses on our sustainable building services, IT innovations and our work on LEED certified projects.

“Einstein once claimed that innovation is not necessarily a by-product of logical thought. The result of innovation, he said however, “is tied to logical structure.”  And the words ‘logical structure’ are music to the ears of engineers. Certainly this is true at HH Angus and Associates in Toronto, a firm whose work is tied to both Canada’s history and to its future. After almost a century of engineering expertise, HH Angus continues to command attention.”

Click here for the January 2013 issue, then click on HH Angus on the left side index to read the article.