Virtual Fencing for Cattle

From Agersens in Australia comes the innovative eShepherd – Internet of Things technology creates virtual fencing and lets farmers use smartphones to monitor and move their...
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Recyclable Paper EcoHelmet

Bike share riders often ride without helmets, which is – you guessed it – unsafe! An engineering grad has invented the recyclable paper EcoHelmet to protect noggins and the...
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Turning shipping containers into farms

Grow food where you live – turning shipping containers into farms! While there are still challenges to this type of farming, it’s an exciting idea ripe for being engineered into common...
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Mushrooms – growing biodegradable materials for everything from packing to insulation to furniture! A B.C. design team hopes its curious concept will replace non-organic material like...
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Game-changer Technology: Space X

“SpaceX successfully lands reusable booster on drone ship!” Twenty years ago, none of those words even made sense. Now, this game-changer technology has the potential to change the way we go to space by lowering costs and ramping up timelines for further space...
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