Tortoise Cured with Lego

While not exactly a speed demon, thanks to a German veterinarian, Blade the Tortoise has a spiffy new set of wheels that give new meaning to ‘4 on the...
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Scientists Unboil An Egg

How do you unboil an egg and why would anyone want to? Scientists have figured out how “unboil” cooked egg whites in an effort to better understand how to unravel cancer proteins in order to aid research into therapies that may make those cells healthy...
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Human Waste Bio Bus

From the ‘Eeewww’ files – Britain’s first ever ‘Bio-Bus’ goes into service March 2015. And we do mean goes. Running on biomethane from human and household waste, the affectionately-named ‘poo bus’ can travel up to 300km on one tank of gas, which takes the annual...
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Zero Energy Buildings

No more air conditioners! This “skin” for buildings keeps the inside cool with zero energy use. Discover...
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Robot Exoskeleton Arm

A robot exoskeleton arm is intended as an assistive device for those whose arm strength is compromised by stroke or injury. However, we can’t help wondering if superhero applications won’t be far...
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3D Food Printer

Check out the 3D food printer. Who hasn’t longed for one of these, ever since Star Trek debuted the Enterprise’s food replicator?
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