Flashlight powered by body heat

A Victoria, BC teenager develops a hollow LED flashlight powered solely by body heat.  It’s not only environmentally friendly, but potentially life-altering for people in developing countries where reliable light sources are both limited and expensive. Energy is...
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Plant-based Plastics

You say tomato, Ford says tom-auto. Get ready for car parts made from tomato skins. Complicating the argument of whether tomatoes are really fruits or vegetables, it turns out they’re actually cup holders! Watch the video below to see how Ford using tomato skins and...
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Sustainable Solutions to Global Hunger

Rob Rhinehart, a 25 year old former engineering student, has devised a formula for ‘Soylent’, a balanced food replacement that he hopes might one day provide a sustainable solution to global hunger. And no, (spoiler alert), it’s not made from people, in case you’re a...
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Wave Power in Australia

Wave power in Australia mimics Mother Nature, via compressed air and turbines.. A five hundred ton floating wave generator that is possibly ten times more efficient than other models. This amazing technology it may be cheaper than wind power, solar power and fossil...
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Parabolic Mirrors Power 200,000 Homes

In sunny Sanlucar la Mayor in Spain, parabolic mirrors create enough concentrated solar energy to power 200,000 homes in nearby Seville. It is the world’s largest solar power tower and can concentrate the energy of the sun up to five hundred times. Can the sun...
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