Pee Power – Don’t let waste go to waste!

Scientists have been working to develop a method of generating electricity from urine using microbial fuel cell technology. While the research is not for the squeamish, it has advanced sufficiently to extract enough energy from pee to power a cell phone. Best of all,...
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Human Powered Helicopter

The Sikorsky prize has been won! Canadian engineers Aerovelo Atlas answered a 33 year standing challenge to create a human-powered helicopter. The prize challenge, issued in 1980, was to build and hover a helicopter at a height of 3 metres for one minute inside a 10...
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Capsule Train

The JIYUK?KAN high speed rail system borrows an idea from Japanese capsule hotels and designs a better way to travel by train. Like the capsule hotels, each train packs a number of showers so users are well-rested and fresh-faced when they arrive at their destination....
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The Bionic Dog

There are now braces, prosthetics and implants for dogs and other animals. In particular, a Brazilian dog has received four prosthetic legs. This video shows how enormous advances in veterinary science get this hard luck puppy back on its paws....
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The Secret of Trees

A 13-year-old budding scientist was out for a walk in the woods and noticed that trees use a mathematical formula to gather sunlight. Then he wondered why we don’t collect solar energy the same way. See the science project that took Adrian all the way to the White...
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Moving Windmills

A 14 year old boy in rural Malawi took a book out of the library that had a photo of a windmill. Using only the photo, he figured out how to build one using junkyard materials. The energy he generated powered lights, electronics, and wells to irrigate the family...
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