Chris Hadfield – how water behaves in space

Chris Hadfield was recently asked by high school students Kendra Lemke and Meredith Faulkner to demonstrate what happens when you wring out a waterlogged washcloth in space. The behaviour of the waters’ surface tension is quite surprising....
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Solar Impulse

This plane is powered by 12,000 solar cells and nothing else – it carries no fuel of any kind on board. As wide as jumbo jet and as light as a car, the fixed wing Solar Impulse dazzled Europe with its technology and has created a sensation in North America. It can fly...
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Solar Island

These islands are actually giant thermal-solar panels. Located offshore, they avoid the environmental challenges in the sunbelt areas where they will be most productive. The islands are 100 metres in diameter and rotate to follow the sun for maximum solar absorption....
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Harvesting Energy from Rain

A Canadian Eighth grader has invented the ‘Weather Harvester’, a means of converting the kinetic and potential energy from rain, wind, snow and hail into electricity. Raymond Wang explains how it works on  “Ted Talks.”...
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Solar Roadways

A couple in Idaho, USA have created a prototype for a solar panel road surface. They hope it will one day replace paved roads, parking lots and sidewalks, all while generating power. You want more advantages? How about fewer traffic disruptions for road maintenance...
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Water from a Billboard

A billboard in Lima, Peru is literally producing potable water out of thin air! With less than 2.5cm of rain annually, Lima is located in a coastal desert. Engineers have developed a billboard to take advantage of the very humid air that blows in from the ocean. Using...
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