Cogeneration and District Energy

McMaster University Gas Turbine Cogeneration Plant

Following HH Angus’ Detailed Engineering Study for this project, we are engineering a 5.7 MW gas turbine cogeneration plant with heat recovery steam generation at the University. The excess process steam will be used to drive an absorption chiller in summer. This will...
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Sonoco 6.7 MW Cogeneration Plant

HH Angus was engaged to provide design services for the construction of a cogeneration facility at a Sonoco facility in Ontario. The natural gas-fired plant plant was designed to provide steam, electricity and emergency power; it produces 115,000 lbs/hr of thermal...
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HH Angus OPA saveONenergy – Detailed Engineering Studies

PSUI – Process & Systems Upgrade Incentive* With the deadline narrowing for the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) saveONenergy PSUI (December 2015), HH Angus has been working on submissions for a number of clients, among them Conestoga Cold Storage, Guelph General...
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Bonaire Wind-Diesel power plant

With the commissioning of this sophisticated new sustainable wind-diesel hybrid power plant, Bonaire (Dutch Antilles) became the first Caribbean island with 100% renewable energy.  This project’s aim is to transform today’s largely fossil fuel-based energy...
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