Citigroup European Headquarters

Electrical Engineer
Communications Consultant
Canary Wharf Ltd

This 1.2 million ft2 facility consolidates the UK and European operations for Citigroup, the world’s largest financial institution. The project includes a 30,000 ft2 server farm/computer centre and 42 floors of Communications Tech rooms supported by 6 – 1600 kW rotary diesel UPS units for 9.6 MW of backup power to critical operations. The Citigroup Tower is the 3rd tallest building in the UK.

The rotary diesel UPS units provide dual redundant power to critical loads, using a highly fault-tolerant distribution scheme through to the raised floor Power Distribution Units and tech rooms.  A sophisticated dual redundant load management system provides for control of all critical and essential loads under all normal operating and failure mode conditions.

The control system also permits operation of all international office functions when all diesel UPS systems are available following a utility power failure, allowing for a “business as usual” operating scenario even under widespread utility outages.


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