Congratulations to the 20 winners of our draw celebrating National Engineering Month. Winners have been notified by email and, in a few weeks’ time, will be receiving a unique and innovative Nanoleaf LED bulb, courtesy of HH Angus and Associates. We chose the Nanoleaf bulb as the draw prize to underscore HH Angus’ commitment to both sustainable solutions and innovative thinking…plus the fact that it’s just so cool looking! The bulb is often promoted as “the world’s most efficient light bulb.”

HH Angus is pleased to support the inventors of the Nanoleaf bulb – a trio of University of Toronto grads – in their quest to create energy efficient products.  Launched on Kickstarter, the Nanoleaf bulb is still in the early stages of production.  It draws less than 12 watts, delivers maximum brightness the moment you flip the switch and projects light in 360°.  With 30,000 hours of life, it lasts 10 times longer than CFL bulbs. The bulb stays cool without requiring a bulky heat-sink, as little of its energy is wasted as heat. And with no glass or filament, it withstands shock and vibration as well.

Again, congratulations to the winners – you’ll be hearing from us soon – and our thanks all those who took part in the draw!

arctic leaf bulb