Digital Operating Rooms

Electrical Engineering
ICT – Information & Communications Technology
Security Systems Design
St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton

This project’s design signals the arrival of the Digital Era in Operating Rooms. The Centre for Minimal Access Surgery (CMAS) utilizes an integrated video-conferencing system for high quality, rapid transfer of multi-feed video data of surgical procedures from the operating room to the classroom. These video feeds are supported by two-way audio for immediate interaction between learners and surgeons. The CMAS also has the capacity to facilitate training for physicians in remote locations, and has the ability to broadcast or receive data from any network connected operating room or classroom in the world.

The HH Angus Communications team designed extensive IT infrastructure to support the convergence and integration of multiple systems. Key enhancements have been installed and integrated: high resolution video cameras inside OR lights, documentation stations, video display and video conference systems, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System), and various data and control systems displayed on a large video wall. This unique system, which is the first installation of its kind in Ontario, provides consistent colour across 15 high definition display panels. High resolution images can be displayed across multiple panels, positioned in three rows of five. This video wall system behaves as one large screen, or can simultaneously display multiple video feeds.

Technology changes at a staggering pace. The reality is that the pace of construction often lags behind developments in telecommunications technology. HH Angus creates flexible supporting infrastructure and systems that can be easily upgraded according to our clients’ changing needs and the availability of new technology.