Fort St. John Hospital

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Telecommunications & Security Engineering
HCP / Northern Health Authority

This new acute care hospital, with services building (including laundry and food services), and a replacement residential care facility, will provide 58 inpatient beds, full diagnostic and treatment facilities, 4 operating rooms and 124 Residential Care beds. Part of our scope is to provide the hard Facilities Management for this project, which replaces an existing facility with a new 330,000 ft2 facility on a greenfield site.

The project has been designed to LEED® Gold standard.  Energy modeling elements has been a key component of the design. HH Angus worked extensively with all other design team members to achieve the optimum energy consumption targets.

HH Angus participated in the integrated and sustainable design process, assessing several mechanical concepts focusing on heat recovery, improved space air distribution and high-efficiency equipment. Extensive use of 100% outdoor air systems with total enthalpy heat recovery wheels is a prime feature of the design.

Specialized electrical systems features for the project include a centralized uninterrupted power system (UPS) and an integrated communications systems platform used for all building operations and health care applications.