HH Angus and Associates has launched IDEATION, a new event series focused on developments in engineering and science for the built environment. 

The featured speaker for the inaugural event was Justin Hall-Tipping, CEO of NanoHoldings LLC, and ‘energy evangelist’. He describes his vision for the future of energy: “The future of the power grid is no grid. The future of the power plant is no power plant”, and “Nanotechnology – playing with the building blocks of the universe, building technologies from the bottom up – will probably save our world”. 

These provocative ideas form the basis of a fascinating presentation. Hall-Tipping envisions a future where clean and sustainable energy is generated locally – on site, on demand and at low cost. A former venture capitalist, he makes an eloquent case for the business imperative of finding new sources of energy before we consume our planet to power our culture.

Canadian Consulting Engineering Magazine has published a feature article about HH Angus’ IDEATION event.  

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