Hydro One Networks Incorporated

Prime Consultant
Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Hydro One

This greenfield building houses facilities to operate the complete Hydro One distribution network. The highly secure and critical facility required special design features to enable it to be fully functional under any circumstances.

The main control room is fully hardened against both natural and manmade disasters, and all systems are capable of long term independent 24/7 operation. The control room has “very quiet” dual redundant air conditioning systems with static electricity and humidity control, dual UPS power supplies and data networking to each control desk and projection screen, and high quality glare-free controllable lighting sources.

Special equipment includes high quality security, CCTV and access control; UPS system with hot transfer capability and maintenance bypass features; redundant diesel generators including dedicated fuel storage and pumping system; redundant 44 kV utility supplies originating from different Hydro One transformer stations with automatic changeover and dual step down transformers and secondary 600V Switchboards; and redundant mechanical support systems fully enclosed by the building structure.