Manulife U.S. Corporate Headquarters

Vertical Transporation Consultant
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

HH Angus served as the Vertical Transportation Consultant for the U.S. corporate headquarters of Manulife Financial. This 480,000 ft2 building rises 14 storeys and features 15 elevators. It was initially designed as a mixed-use, multi-tenant building, with the capability to transition into a single-user building.

The key vertical transportation challenge in providing for a future single user was the transfer floors. Typically in multi-use high-rise buildings, occupants must return to the lobby to access elevator banks for floors outside of those served by their own elevator.  Atypically, the Manulife Building features transfer floors on all low-rise floors (2 through 8), so that occupants can move from high-rise floors to low-rise floors without having to change elevators.

Another unique feature is that this was one of the first true green buildings in Boston. The LEED® Certified building has a 10,000 ft2 green roof, which provides insulation and absorbs precipitation. The curved, 480,000 ft2 building is also insulated by a double layer curtain wall façade, which reduces energy consumption by approximately 6%. This was also the first double skin façade of its kind in the United States.  Around the world, 2,706 buildings have been declared “green” by the U.S. Green Building Council. Of these, barely two dozen are large corporate head offices.