MaRS II Building

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Communications and Security Design
Vertical Transportation
Lighting Design
Public Health Ontario Laboratories

The MaRS Discovery District combines a variety of companies, research disciplines and professional services specifically promoting cross-institutional collaboration.

HH Angus was engaged by Public Health Ontario (PHO) to engineer the four floors that PHO occupies in the MaRS Phase II building. This space provides a new public health laboratory to Toronto, and includes CL-2 and CL-3 laboratories and associated support systems, as well as related office, administrative and support space. The CL-2 and CL-3 labs were designed, constructed, commissioned and certified in accordance with the Health Canada Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines, as well as other authorities having jurisdiction.

HH Angus negotiated with the City of Toronto for low level exhaust and supply. Instead of 1cfm/ft2, we implemented .75cfm/ft2, which resulted in the delivery of a safer site at less cost, as well as lower operating costs.