Or how to turn stacks of outdated, non-confidential drawings into really useful products!


The paperless office is still some time off for consulting engineering firms. While our entire staff at HH Angus makes a very conscientious effort to reduce printing, and we print double-sided for most uses, the fact is that hard copy drawings are still a requirement. For a busy firm, they add up.  Hard copies are required at specific stages of a contract, plus they are produced for design review, peer review and as a graphical aid at client ‘page turner’ meetings, where designs are reviewed page by page.


About a year ago, in response to staff concerns about how we could reduce the number of drawings being ‘retired’ to the recycling bin, our Sustainability Committee came up with the idea of creating notebooks and notepads from our large format, single-sided engineering drawings.

Since then, we’ve been collecting all suitable, non-confidential engineering drawings, previously destined for the recycling bin, and having them bound into notebooks and scratch pads.  These are distributed to clients, who not only applaud the idea but also enjoy the complimentary notebooks.  Which are also hugely popular with our staff, who once again can look at a tree and not feel guilty about the amount of paper going into the blue box!


And as endlessly recyclable products, when the notepads and notebooks are full, they can simply be tossed into the nearest recycling bin to start the cycle all over again.