Ontario Adult Infrastructure Renewal Program

Mechanical and Electrical engineers
Murphy Hilgers for Ministry of the Solicitor General & Correctional Services

The Adult Infrastructure Renewal Program consolidated facilities in the provincially-run prison system to substantially reduce operating costs.  It involved facilities in Maplehurst, Penetanguishene and Lindsay, Ontario. All three hold prisoners awaiting trial, as well as inmates with sentences less than two years.   HH Angus developed the design concepts and acted as Compliance Engineers to ensure that these new, state-of-the-art facilities were constructed in compliance with the design intent. The emphasis was on efficient construction, high security and low staffing requirements.

Working closely with the client, the HH Angus team created a very economical design based on double bunking, accommodating a total of 4,700 beds.  Lindsay and Penetanguishene were greenfield sites, and Maplehurst required renovations and additions.  Each facility consists of modular housing units around central control posts and has a large Admitting & Discharge area, medical unit, segregation and a women’s unit.   Our unique design set new standards for prisons in this system, and became a template for facilities across the province.