HH Angus concentrates its engineering consulting in five areas we identify as divisions.  This approach focuses the experience and knowledge of our professionals into core groups and results in leveraging the greatest capability for our clients:


HH Angus balances design, sustainability and end-user suitability in our Commercial portfolio.  Whether we’re working with existing buildings or new construction, we work closely with our clients to realize their operational goals, and with the Architect to achieve or retain the building’s architectural integrity.


HH Angus designs heating and cooling plants, power generation, cogeneration, renewable energy systems, and district energy systems.  Industrial applications cover food processing, automotive and manufacturing facilities.


HH Angus has a long history in the healthcare market, with billions of dollars in construction value in our portfolio. Our approach features sustainable design, reduced operating costs, flexible building services, and infectious disease containment through state-of-the-art design concepts and equipment.


HH Angus’ approach to designing highly serviced facilities starts with a focus on up-front planning, combined with well-researched concepts, to arrive at innovative and dependable technology solutions that meet clients’ long-term goals.


Angus Connect
Angus Connect provides Information, Communications and Automation (ICAT) Technology consulting services to a full range of industry sectors. Our services include IT, communications, security and AV design, as well as workflow evaluation, strategic planning, options evaluation, procurement, design and contract administration.