SickKids’ Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
IT Communications Design
Vertical Transportation
The Hospital for Sick Children

The Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning will help ensure that Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children remains a world leader in health research that will benefit children around the world. We’re proud to play a role in helping SickKids realize that achievement.

This new 740,000 ft2 high rise research and educational facility has been designed to target LEED® Gold.  Energy modeling indicates a significant improvement over the minimum energy performance required by the program. Systems have been segregated with the goal of achieving significant thermal reuse within the facility. The design incorporated the option to integrate a waste heat recovery system from the neighbouring district heating provider, in order to realize even greater energy efficiency in future.

The shell and core design for the tower were already well along when the Hospital decided to locate their high performance computing equipment in the new data centre. This resulted in significant changes to the base building construction, as well as to the architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering. Creative solutions were required to accommodate the intense and sophisticated computer systems within the architectural constraints of the building.