Steeles West and Finch West Subway Stations

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Lighting Design
Toronto Transit Commission

The TTC’s underground subway has been expanded with a new 8.6 km, six-station line, comprised of tunnel and cut and cover sections. Above ground, each new station includes a main entrance, secondary and automatic entrance, as well as electrical substation. HH Angus was involved in two of the six stations – Finch West and Pioneer Village (Steeles West).

The projects’ communications systems included fire alarms, public address speakers, passenger intercom, public telephones and security systems including closed circuit television. The electrical engineering covered 600 volt power distribution, lighting and communications systems. Design layouts were provided for power distribution of the stations, as well as traction power for the trains. The work comprised a complete detailed layout of the embedded conduit design, from the high voltage incoming service distribution through to the low voltage power circuit. An emergency power / uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system was provided for the passenger station and the underground running structure and lighting designs were provided for exterior public areas. The mechanical engineering included ventilation and air conditioning of services spaces, sanitary and storm drainage for washrooms and service area, track drainage, fire protection systems, as well as incorporation of system-wide tunnel ventilation.