The Missing Link to Renewable Energy

TORONTO – April 16, 2015 – HH Angus was proud to host Dr. Donald Sadoway, one of TIME Magazine’s ‘World’s 100 Most Influential People 2012’, speaking on “The Missing Link to Renewable Energy.” HH Angus’ IDEATION forums support the exploration of innovative ideas, and they were very pleased to showcase Dr. Sadoway’s work.

The current challenge with alternative energy is that the intermittent nature of solar and wind sources makes it difficult to fully capitalize on their generating capacity. Dr. Sadoway and his team of students at MIT have invented a battery technology with the potential to harness the full power of alternative energy by storing excess electricity that is often spilled from the grid at peak production times.

“We know the future of the energy economy will not look like it does today,” says Tom Wilson, Managing Director, Energy at HH Angus. “Dr. Sadoway’s battery technology, which has the potential to harness the full power of alternative energy, is a step toward the future of renewable energy. We are honoured to host him at our event.”

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