Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Lighting Design
City of Waterloo

This sports and recreational facility consists of a 3,500-seat multipurpose arena, numerous pools, moveable floor, banquet bar, meeting and fitness facilities. Two thousand additional seats can be accommodated by temporary bleachers around the rubberized running track. The Complex ranks among 10 facilities around the world to be honoured with the 1995 Award of Merit from Athletic Business Magazine.

A fully integrated ammonia/brine refrigeration system was installed for ice making and air conditioning, using ice storage. Ice rink compressors charge ice storage tanks for air conditioning, compressor heat recovery for building and pool heating, and airside heat recovery. The ice-making plant is comprised of four 50hp ammonia compressors and a single chiller. Ethylene glycol is distributed to make the ice surface, and the temperature of the ice can be customized for ice hockey, figure skating or curling.

In addition to maintaining the ice surface, excess cooling capacity in the ice making plant is used to make ice, which is stored for reducing peak consumption of electricity of the air conditioning cooling plant.