GM Welder Water Systems, Car and Truck Plants

Mechanical Engineering
General Motors of Canada

General Motors engaged HH Angus to design the welder water system for their GMT 800 C/K* Truck Plant in Oshawa, Ontario, as well as for the car assembly plant. These systems provided cooling water for all robot welders throughout the assembly plants, circulating cooling water to the tips of the welding robots to prevent overheating.

In the Truck Plant, the welder water system comprised the cooling tower system and the cooling distribution system. The purpose of these pumps was to re-circulate the tower water from the indoor sump through the heat exchangers and up to the cooling towers. The two vital conditions that had to be maintained were temperature and differential pressure.  The welder tips are extremely sensitive to differential pressure, and very tight pressure tolerances had to be maintained at all times.

In the Car Plant, the renovations required us to relocate the welder water system and supply, and install new cooling tower pumps and new circulation pumps. The distribution piping system extended more than 3,000 feet.

*C/K: C refers to 2-wheel drive/K refers to 4-wheel drive