Ontario Shores

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Ontario Shores (formerly Whitby Mental Health Centre)

Drawing on a twenty year relationship, our engineers concentrated on integrating fundamentals such as plumbing fixtures, heating elements, sprinkler heads, fire hose cabinets and light fixtures into the building in a safety-conscious manner, ensuring these would be inaccessible to patients. Vandalism is always a concern, as well as the need to prevent fixtures being used to render injury. Lighting was a key element in the design as lights in a mental health facility must be inaccessible to the patient.  Also, some patients react to the flicker inherent in standard fluorescent lights.  The solution was to employ a new generation of lamps that virtually eliminate this problem. We have recently entered into a five-year standing agreement for renovations at the site. Ontario Shores is expected to lead the way as a model for new psychiatric facilities well into the 21st century.